Modular Cleanrooms For Universities

Universities are institutions of scientific research and learning, meaning that testing and manufacturing environments are often required. Such environments need to be free of contaminants or particles; to achieve this, a cleanroom would normally be needed. At Saakvee, we help universities build the cleanrooms they require to control particulate contamination within a given space.

Whether the applications are pharmaceutical in nature or related to engineering, modular Cleanrooms are necessary to ensure the university can maintain a stable environment in which testing and manufacturing will not be compromised by particles, no matter how small. It is essential for modular Cleanrooms to be perfectly suited for such a complex and growing industry. At Saakvee, we can ensure this is the case by reducing particulate contamination in-line with the required standard and manufacturing or working requirement.

Modular Cleanroom Benefits

  • Modular Construction
  • Quick Assembly Time
  • Versatility
  • Reconfiguration
  • Airflow Control
  • Inexpensive Modifications

What We Do To Build Our Cleanrooms

For every cleanroom we construct, we follow a tried and tested process that takes you through the project, from start to finish. First is budgeting and planning, where we work with you to discuss your needs and decide on a suitable budget for your project. The budget will vary depending on the size of cleanroom you want, the application it’s intended for and the class rating required.

Next is the engineering, design and layout phase, where we’ll discuss the more technical aspects of completing the cleanroom. Our aim is to design a suitable cleanroom that would be ideal for the university’s needs. We’ll talk about the materials to be used and the different designated areas to be included – especially if they’ll each have different class ratings. Following the initial design and layout is filtration and airflow design. This is a crucial part of the entire process, as proper airflow and filtration can make a huge difference to how clean the air within a cleanroom will be.

We’ll need to ensure there are sufficient vents for the exhaustion of air, and that to be filtered in. Once this is done and all the plans are in place, we’ll proceed to construct the cleanroom from scratch. You can expect the plan we’ve agreed on to be executed to the very last detail. Thereafter, your cleanroom will be installed in whichever area of the university it has been designated.

Following installation is the certification of our cleanroom by any certifier of your choice. Once complete, we shall proceed to install industry specific equipment to allow you to begin work in the cleanroom. No matter the type of cleanroom you’d like installed, you can expect world class service every single time.

Cleanroom Design, Build & Validation

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Engineering, design & layout
  • Airflow and filtration design
  • Construction and Installation
  • Full Certification of our product
  • Industry-specific equipment installation
  • Validation

Saakvee And The University Cleanroom Industry

With our years of experience in constructing and installing cleanrooms for universities, we’ve developed a proven record of superb quality, reliability and wide industry experience. It is our goal to ensure we offer each and every one of our clients’ cleanrooms the highest possible quality, whilst simultaneously delivering an affordable service.

Universities should have nothing but the best facilities to fully enable their research and scholarly work. To this end, we invest in the latest cleanroom technology and advancements, whether it’s engineering grade aluminium, ultra-quiet fans, system monitoring or LED integrated lights. For university cleanrooms, there is no company more suitable than Saakvee.

Our Unique Approach To Designing University Cleanrooms

As a leading Cleanroom design and construction firm, we understand the special type of environment found within universities. It takes more than simply understanding the technology involved, as university campuses need a unique approach.

We are fully aware of what’s needed to ensure the completion of the university’s Cleanroom project on budget and to the specific requirements of the institution. We also understand how to proceed safely in an active campus, filled with students and researchers.

Whether we’re designing and constructing a BSL3 facility, a nano/bio Cleanroom or a nanotechnology lab, we are the right candidate for the job. We will install and rig/set your process tools, all the while complying with every relevant code.

Building Nanotechnology Cleanrooms

Nanotechnology is one of the emerging areas of study at several universities. To ensure proper research in this field, cleanrooms are essential. We can work with you to design and construct a fully efficient and functional nanotechnology cleanroom to enable the work of the university’s researchers.

Helping You Maximise Space

Sometimes, there simply isn’t as much space as you’d like to construct a cleanroom. In such situations, we can help you work around this problem. For instance, instead of using an air handling unit (AHU), we can opt for localised fan filter units (FFUs) As a result, you’ll be able to maximise on floor space, since you won’t need a plant room.

Contact us now on 022 27725252 for HEPA filter or filters to meet your cleanroom needs and improve the efficiency of your critical processes

Taking You From Restrictive Manual Operation To Fully Automatic Systems

If you currently operate a manual system, you may find it restrictive. However, we can replace this with a touchscreen HMI interface that gives you full control over the cleanroom. On the same touchscreen, you can see all information related to the performance of the room. Instead of using an AHU – which will cost a higher initial investment – localised FFUs don’t cost as much. Furthermore, they will cost less to keep them running. Switching to an automated system isn’t only about convenience, but also efficient energy management.

Helping You Effectively Manage Physics Detectors

When working with gas detection mediums for research purposes, the presence of impurities can affect the entire quality of the experiment. To prevent this from happening, the environment must be absolutely clean when the detectors are open. In such a situation, the university would need a cleanroom.

Whatever your needs, we can develop a cleanroom to meet the necessary classification requirements, as well as the space requirements that would enable your research. If your aim is portability, we can install a compact, freestanding cleanroom to ensure it can be moved easily.

Building Cleanrooms For Advanced Laboratories

Laboratories are a staple feature on many university campuses. To ensure you have a consistent and stable environment in which to undertake research, your university would need a suitable cleanroom. Whether you want a single cleanroom or suite of cleanrooms, we can deliver a solution that perfectly suits your needs. Whatever the level of relative humidity needed and most suitable temperature required, your cleanroom will be fitted with temperature and humidity controls to keep everything working perfectly.

To achieve this, cleanliness is an extremely important factor. Being able to consistently control humidity levels is equally important for every cleanroom. Work with us and let us put all the necessary control in your hands.

Choose To Work With Saakvee For Reliable University Cleanrooms That Provide All The Control You Need

At Saakvee, we are determined to provide reliable, bespoke solutions, perfectly suited to a university’s needs. No matter the application for which a cleanroom is needed, a university cleanroom must be built with that unique environment in mind. Given our experience and expertise, we can deliver on your next cleanroom project. Please get in touch with our team to learn how you can partner with us. The number to call is 12345677. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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