The benefits of cleanrooms have been vital to the growth and development of a wide variety of organisations in diverse sectors. This includes the Police who use the secured environment of cleanrooms for forensics as well as other critical laboratory activities.

Cleanrooms for the police are most suitable when they possess flexibility and mobility. At Saakvee, we have experience providing personalised cleanrooms to a number of police departments. Depending on your unique needs, we can provide you with a local cleanroom or down flow cabinets designed to help you fulfil your critical processes more efficiently.

Our modular cleanrooms are especially popular because of their quick installation, ease of use, and customisability which makes for endless possibilities. Our team of cleanroom experts have the specialised knowledge concerning your industry and critical processes within Police cleanrooms. This combined with our years of experience puts us in the best position to serve your needs.

All our services meet all international and industry requirements and standards. Each is ISO-certified and can be quickly adapted to suit your evolving needs and demands.

You can build your expertise and optimise your critical processes today by calling on Saakvee for a fully personalised cleanroom designed specifically to boost your efficiency.

Modular Cleanroom Benefits

  • Modular Construction
  • Quick Assembly Time
  • Versatility
  • Reconfiguration
  • Airflow Control
  • Inexpensive Modifications

Cleanroom Types Available For Your Police Processes

Our cleanrooms are designed and built to efficiently control the presence of airborne particles and other particulates in the secured environment that may hinder your critical processes. Depending on your specifications or requirements, we can design and install Hardwall Cleanrooms, Modular Cleanrooms, Monobloc Cleanrooms, and Softwall Cleanrooms.

Our modular cleanrooms are a popular choice among our clients, especially those in the police sector because of their flexibility and effectiveness. Once we understand your goals and needs for the cleanroom, we can design and install a freestanding, fully operational, and secure modular cleanroom that boosts the safety and productivity of your operations.

If you’d like a modular cleanroom for your critical or sensitive police processes, we can provide you with a modular cleanroom with the following benefits

Cleanroom Design, Build & Validation

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Engineering, design & layout
  • Airflow and filtration design
  • Construction and Installation
  • Full Certification of our product
  • Industry-specific equipment installation
  • Validation

Quick Installation

We can have a modular cleanroom made according to your specifications and installed within hours, or a few days depending on its size. We guarantee that the speed of installation will in no way compromise the quality or safety of the finished product.

Low Running Costs

Our modular cleanrooms are designed with cost efficiency in mind, and this extends to the cost of running and maintaining it, and a modular cleanroom from Saakvee is designed to be energy efficient and require minimum maintenance. With a cleanroom that consumes less energy, your energy bills to run and keep the secure environment stable will be lower.

Easy To Maintain

Our modular cleanrooms are easy to maintain as faulty or worn out parts can be easily and quickly replaced, thereby reducing the need for and cost of extensive downtime. Because of how easy it is to interchange or replace parts, your modular cleanroom can also be quickly, inexpensively and conveniently adapted as necessary to meet the changing needs of your police department.

Effective Performance

A modular cleanroom that features a personalised design will positively impact your critical police processes and needs. As your needs change, we can modify the cleanroom to match the changes by providing accessories and consumables to keep the environment secured, efficient, and tightly controlled.

The ideal cleanroom for your police needs will depend on the unique nature of your operations. To help you achieve the desired results, we can provide you with a made to measure cleanroom that’s tailored to suit your unique needs and requirements. This will be accomplished by first understanding your critical processes, organisation goals and budget, in order to provide you with the most secure environment.

If you are uncertain as to which cleanroom type or design is most appropriate for your police needs, we have a team of experts to provide professional guidance and all the insight you need to make a well-informed decision.

Cleanroom Services To Enhance Your Critical Police Processes

Police cleanroom services which you can contact us for today include:

  • Design and Building of cleanroom
  • Free Site Survey
  • Cleanroom Training and Support
  • Remedial Works
  • Cleanroom Certification and Validation
  • Smoke Testing and DOP testing.

Cleanroom Design & Build

You can count on Saakvee for a comprehensively secured and highly efficient cleanroom design to optimise your critical processes and performance.

To ensure your cleanroom is perfectly suited for your needs, we will work with you through the design stage all the way through to the building and effective use of your cleanroom. We help companies overcome contamination issues by providing personalised cleanroom solutions.

Contact us for a smart cleanroom that features innovative technologies which will aid your critical police activities.

Cleanroom Customisation

If you already have a cleanroom in place, we can help you customise it with accessories which optimise its overall performance, convenience, and safety. Customisation of your cleanroom and its features is key to enhancing its effectiveness and suitability for your needs.

Depending on your needs or preferences, we can provide additions such as fabricated fixtures, stainless steel furniture, conveyors and trolleys to optimise your cleanroom.

Project Management

With our effective project management services, fully harnessing the potential of your cleanroom and minimising costly mistakes is achievable.

After installing your police cleanroom, we will continue to work with you to effectively manage it throughout its lifecycle. We are also available to provide expert consultation services to ensure your cleanroom project is delivered on-time, on-budget and according to your requirements.

Cleanroom Consumables

Our stock of consumables are all sourced from leading cleanroom brands to guarantee you get superior quality and great value.

We offer scalable procurement solutions, and as your trusted adviser concerning consumables, we will provide you with dedicated one-on-one technical support and custom solutions to meet your budget and unique demands.

Our pricing on cleanroom consumables is friendly and flexible, and our delivery options convenient.

If you are uncertain as to which consumables will best serve you, we offer guidance through professional consultation services.

Call us now for emergency troubleshooting, repairing or the recertification of your cleanroom.

Cleanroom Validation

Our specialist team at Saakvee is qualified to test your cleanroom facility to ensure it conforms to ISO 14644-1:2015 Cleanroom Standards and other relevant regulations.

The validation process includes:

  • Filter integrity testing in line with ISO 14644-3:2005
  • Air pressure differentials according to 14644-1:2015
  • Airborne particle counts
  • Airflow readings
  • Testing of containment leak in with ISO 14644-3:2005
  • Smoke visualisation testing in line with ISO 14644-3:2005
  • Safety cabinet assessment which will include Discuss testing and Fume Cabinet Testing. Carbon Breakthrough Testing in line with BS7989 may also occur
  • Testing of recovery rate in line with ISO 14644-3:2005
  • Testing of comfort tests such as noise levels, lux, RH readings, and temperature
  • Provision of Particle Counter Calibration certificates that indicate compliance with ISO 21501-4:2007

By scheduling regular cleanroom validations, you will be able to verify your controlled environment remains secured and up to standard, thereby preventing contamination and issues with quality. Our Validation Technicians are all CTCB-i trained and qualified and can deliver this critical service with minimal disruption to your processes.

Once validation has been completed, we will provide you with a detailed and auditable report.

Cleanroom Training

Those who access a cleanroom are often responsible for contamination breaches due to particulates they bring in with them. To help minimise this type of contamination, we can provide your team with the training and resources to educate them on cleanroom best practices and effective implementation of protocols.

Topics covered by our training course include hand hygiene, gowning and cleaning best practices, particulate monitoring, contamination sources and possible consequences of failing to adhere to best practices.

At end of the training, your staff will be more knowledgeable concerning the use of the cleanroom and will be more committed to minimising contamination risks.

Superior Police Cleanroom Solutions

Give us a call for a fully-fitted and customised cleanroom for your critical police processes. We can also help with optimising any existing cleanroom which you may already have installed.

We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited, which means we can help you achieve optimum conditions in your cleanroom.

If you are ready to start a project with us or require more information concerning our police cleanroom related services, contact us to get started with your cleanroom project.

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